SaaS Awards Show

Which SaaS Founder Will Win?

With over 30,182 SaaS founders entering, we uncovered incredible stories of fast-growing founders. Many winners will surprise you. Show up to meet them in person. 

September 9th, 2021

Austin, TX (in person)

September 10-11, 2021

Austin, TX (in person)
Saravana Kumar

Saravana Kumar

CEO Kovai
Kovai logo
I’m trying to scale from $5m in ARR up past $10m in ARR and ran out of ideas. We use Latka data to get new ideas on growth channels, churn benchmarks, and cash flow analysis of others in our space.
Henry Schuck

Henry Schuck

ZoomInfo CEO
Zoominfo logo
You can tell the guys who are faking it and who aren't. Latka is the real deal. We've used the data to identify SaaS companies who could be potential customers of ZoomInfo and also to find M&A targets.
Adam O'Donnell

Adam O'Donnell

Mighty Capital
Mighty Capital logo
I love the Latka podcast and database. We use it for sourcing top deals and getting smarter about Founders. The data just doesn't exist in other platforms we look at like Crunchbase, Pitchbook, and SourceGrub.

Award Winners: Discover New Founders, Their Tactics


  • 9:30 am📈 Fastest Growing Headcount
  • 9:50 am🎨 Most Creative Growth Tactic
  • 10:30 am🌎 Top 100 Remote
  • ​10:50 am🏆 Up and Coming Founders
  • ​11:40 am🎖 Most Popular


  • 1:30 pm💸 Top Bootstrappers
  • 1:50 pm✒ Most likely to Succeed
  • 2:30 pm📊 Fastest Growing Valuation
  • ​2:50 pm❤️ Highest Net Retention
  • ​3:40 pm💰 Fastest Growing Revenue

20 Minute “TedX” Style Talks

He Broke $2.5m ARR Using 1 Strange Growth Tactic (Bootstrapped!)

Andre Cvijovic
Referrizer Founder

SaaS Riches: How He Used Agency To Launch $1m SaaS

Albert Santalo
8Base Founder

How He Hired First 10 Sales Reps and Hit $4m in ARR

Srikant Chellappa
Engagedly Founder

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