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"I’m in a ton of Slack communities, but this is the only one that has such engagement and interesting people. It’s a no-brainer really."

Vincent van S. – ContentKing CEO

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"There are many SaaS groups to hang out in publicly. This community is for serious SaaS founders to rely on each other and learn the 'hard stuff' you can't get anywhere else. Exclusive datapoints, AMA's, virtual rapid fire strategy sessions and more."

Nathan Latka
Founder of Latka SaaS Hackers

In SaaS Hackers you'll get access to:

  • Exclusive Content
Private data and insights that power the industry's top companies. Learn from the best and apply it to your business!
  • Private Community Network
A network of fellow founders, CEO's and investors who you can turn to at any time for repeatable, scalable advice at your fingertips
  • Weekly Events
Tuesdays 1pm CST: Interactive 'Ask-Me-Anything' sessions with industry leaders
Wednesday 3pm CST: Video networking strategy sessions
Thursday 1pm CST: M&A discussions

And So Much More!

$60k+ in exclusive, high value software and service discount from community partners like Airtable and AWS.

Upcoming AMAs

'Ask Me Anything' sessions provide you the opportunity to ask the featured guest any question you'd like! Learn from the greatest SaaS founders, CEOs, investors and more!

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Latka SaaS Hackers is a tight-knit community of founders helping founders. It has helped me find prospective customers, investors, and mentors that I would have never met!”

CEO @ TruePartner

I've tried many groups for SaaS founders; not a single one added real value. Not the case in Latka SaaS Hackers. Real founders, real advice - real value. Love what you guys do."

Founder & CEO @ OneUp Sales

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