Full TechStars Report: 15 Years, 2,519 Companies

Latka Reports Pro #005: TechStars Companies

Latka Pro Reports are focused on SaaS companies, founders, and unique data points not easily available online. Most data comes from Latka interviewing thousands of CEO's over last 5 years. 

What's Inside This Latka Pro Report?

2,519 TechStars companies organized in an excel file by session, founding year, location, stage and company status so you can easily sort and filter through the data.

Deep Dive into the Fate of TechStars Companies: Which companies are still operating, had exits, or are no longer around.

Analyzing TechStars Companies Over Time to see where TechStars is investing next.

SaaS Only List: TechStars SaaS Companies with hard to get data points.

BONUS: Founders' names and direct email addresses.

What's Inside the Excel File?

Data Points on Every TechStars Company from 2007 to 2021

Charts analyzing TechStars Companies by Fate: What years and companies performed the best?

Founders' direct email addresses

Excel File Column Headers:

  • ​Company Name
  • ​Website
  • ​Session
  • Year
  • ​City/Country
  • ​Description
  • ​Stage
  • ​Status
  • ​Founders Names
  • ​Founders' Emails
  • ​Crunchbase Profile
  • ​Twitter

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"I've tried many groups for SaaS founders; not a single one added real value. Not the case in Latka Pro Reports. Real founders, real advice - real value. Love what you guys do!"

— Derry Holt, One Up Sales 

The value I have always found in Nathan Latka’s productions, posts, and data is also clear and present in these files. You can waste thousands on virtual conferences or spend a few minutes in Latka Pro Reports. Few no-brainers in SaaS, this is one.

— Greg Phillips, CEO CoverMe
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